304 Stainless Steel Decotative Slot Tube
  • 304 Stainless Steel Decotative Slot Tube

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:11:12

  • Model: 0064

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY stainless steel slot tube for decoration used is widely 
    used on glass holding and assembling. Such as, fence, railing, 
    patio cover, partition wall, etc.
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Cold-hot-rolled mixed processing/customers complained that the recently purchased batch of cold-rolled stainless steel flat plates had slight scratches, so they raised a quality objection. Case study: Through the on-site inspection, the scratches mentioned by the customer do exist, the distribution is irregular, and they are relatively slight. It is difficult to find if they are not in a well-lit place. Since the scratches are in a bright state, the problem caused by the original roll can basically be eliminated, and it is likely to be a problem in the leveling process. Through careful inspection of the leveling equipment, the pinch roller of the leveling machine is found. The surface of the conveying roller and the leveling roller are rough, and a certain amount of dust adheres. The scratches are most likely caused by the steel coil when it comes into contact with these work rolls. It turned out that the Kaiping equipment had previously processed a batch of hot-rolled stainless steel coils with a thickness of 3.0mm. The surface of the hot-rolled stainless steel coils was rough and dusty. After the cold-rolled flattening machine has processed a large number of such steel coils, all kinds of work rolls directly in contact with the steel coils have a certain amount of wear, and a lot of dust has accumulated. When cold-rolled stainless steel is processed, a slight amount is left on the surface of the steel plate. Scratches. Due to the different properties of cold and hot rolled stainless steel, mixed processing is generally not allowed. If you have to process hot-rolled coils on cold-rolled Kaiping equipment, you must wipe the equipment after processing. If you find that the work roll is worn out, you can do a proper amount of grinding.
Correctly choose free-cutting stainless steel/Customers complained that a batch of stainless steel bars purchased were processed into valve stems and nuts, and severe corrosion occurred after a period of use. The customer believed that the corrosion resistance was not good enough, so they raised a quality objection. This batch of stainless steel bars purchased by the customer is made of 303. This stainless steel is a derivative steel of 304. A certain amount of S is added to improve the cutting performance. Generally speaking, austenitic stainless steel has poor cutting performance and is easy to stick to the knife during machining. , Adding S can improve this performance very well. The customer chose 303 stainless steel based on processing considerations. However, since the processed valve stems and nuts are used in a laboratory pipeline, they are often exposed to various corrosive compounds. The corrosion resistance of sulfur-containing stainless steel is in these environments. The medium happens to be not corrosion resistant, so it causes serious corrosion. Customers are advised to use materials with better corrosion resistance for the use environment. Machining requirements are certainly important, but corrosion resistance is even more important. One cannot lose sight of the other and cause greater losses.

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