430 Square Stainless Steel Welded Tube
  • 430 Square Stainless Steel Welded Tube

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:11:1

  • Model: 0064

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY stainless steel welded square tube in 430 grade
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maysky Stianless Steel Square Welded Tube Series

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The steel coil pressure point/stainless steel processing center raised a quality objection to the supply department, saying that a batch of stainless steel coils purchased recently, many of the coils were found to have serious pressure points on the surface during unpacking and processing, and thin steel coils often It affects more than a dozen layers, and there are about 5 layers thicker. After careful inspection on the spot, these pressure points are all impacted by some kind of impact on the original roll or pressed out by protrusions, and the outer wrapper of the original roll has indentations, which are larger points. Since there are many steel coils affected, it should basically be caused by the same reason. After consulting the storage records of the storage department, it was found that the outer packaging of this batch of steel coils was damaged to a certain extent before the storage. However, because the steel coils are transported over long distances, the packaging will inevitably be damaged, and it is impossible to unpack them in the warehouse. Inspection, so it was put into the warehouse in normal condition. At that time, another batch of steel coils arrived in the warehouse, so on-site inspection found that this batch of steel coils also had serious pressure point problems. After verification, it was caused by the U on the truck that transported the steel coils. Caused by bolts on the shaped wooden frame. Due to long-term pressure and vibration during transportation, many bolts on the U-shaped wooden frame protrude from the original surface and directly contact the steel coil, which causes serious pressure points on the steel coil. Check the damaged condition of the steel coils, claim compensation from the transportation company, and submit rectification requirements. Some quality problems often do not appear in the processing process, but some details that are usually overlooked, such as storage, transportation, etc. The processing center itself also uses a large number of wooden frames, and some of them take a long time to use, and a comprehensive inspection should be done.
Kaiping has too much reduction/customers complained that the purchased batch of stainless steel plates had obvious upturning of the plate head, which affected the use, so the quality objection was raised. The plates purchased by the customer are 304/N0.1, the thickness is 4.0mm, and the specification is 1500×6000mm. Through on-site inspections, this batch of flat panels did indeed have the phenomenon of upward warping, and the flat panels themselves also had obvious edge waves. The upturn of the board head is generally caused by the excessive reduction of the leveling roller during the opening. For steel coils of various thicknesses, the opening and rolling reductions have corresponding setting parameters. Generally speaking, such quality problems will not occur, so consult the processing records. It turns out that during the flattening process, due to the large edge wave of the plate itself, in order to improve this edge wave phenomenon, the operator increased the amount of pressing down a lot, resulting in the plate head upturning. In fact, the increase in the reduction did not bring much improvement to the edge waves. The flattening roller diameter of this medium plate flattening equipment is relatively thick and has no intermediate roller fine-tuning function, so it is basically powerless against steel coil waves, especially for steel coils with a thickness of 3.0~4.0mm. The consequence of increasing the reduction is often only to make the steel plate head upturn, and it will also cause certain damage to the equipment itself. Strictly implement the operating procedures. For these coils with large waves, and if it is confirmed that they cannot be improved well, the customer should be notified before processing, and the processing should be conducted after asking the customer's opinion.

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