Stainless Steel Decoration Tube
  • Stainless Steel Decoration Tube

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:11:53

  • Model: 0062

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY produces stainless steel tube in various shapes to comply 
    your every needs in stainless steel decoration. Round, square, 
    rectangular and slot tube can meet diferent demands on decoration 
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Product Details

maysky stainless steel tube product detail

maysky 304 stainless steel inspection certificate

maysky stainless steel round tube

maysky stianless steel welded round tube series

maysky stainless steel square tube

maysky Stianless Steel Square Welded Tube Series

maysky stainless steel rectangular tube

maysky Stianless Steel Rectangular Welded Tube Series

maysky stainless steel slot tube

maysky Stainless Steel Welded Slot Tube Series

maysky stainless steel tube packaging and shipping

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As a trader, or a trader with some Kaiping shearing equipment, if you receive a quality objection, in addition to doing customer service work, you must also determine the origin of the quality problem in the first place. In general, exclude customer use factors, General quality defects always come from two places, one is the raw material problem, and the other is the processing or transportation problem. Scratch is one of the most common quality defects. Although most people know how to determine the source of scratches, it is still necessary to describe the discrimination method. How to judge the scratches originated from raw materials/customers purchased a batch of stainless steel plates, and found scratch lines on the surface during use, which seriously affected the use. The customer raised a quality objection. Arrange for the customer to exchange a batch of good quality stainless steel plates. The next procedure is to identify whether these scratches were caused by Kaiping or the raw material itself. Observing the scratches, the surface was pickled white, it can be judged that the scratches were caused by the steel plant before pickling and annealing, that is to say, the scratches must be the raw material itself. You can file a complaint with the steel mill. As shown on the left, this is a typical scratch line with raw materials. The scratch is white after pickling, which is very obvious. If the scratch line caused by pickling and annealing is shiny with metallic luster, but is this shiny scratch line not necessarily included in the original volume? The answer is no. The original volume may also have this shiny scratch line. For example, the above-mentioned scratches are caused by uneven tension or inter-layer friction caused by unwinding during winding, thus causing such scratches. For these shiny scratches, the source must be checked. You can also find that most of the scratch lines are distributed longitudinally, because both the steel mill rolling and the processing plant Kaiping are running longitudinally. If non-vertical scratches occur, it is likely to be in the process of handling As a result, for example, manual loading and unloading of the board during sanding can be noted.

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