Round Stainless Steel Pipe 304 Grade
  • Round Stainless Steel Pipe 304 Grade

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:10:25

  • Model: 0061

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Measures to improve the surface quality of stainless steel plates/Stainless steel plates are widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, energy, nuclear power and other industries. The following surface quality problems are more likely to occur in production: 1. Billet grinding / billet rough grinding wheel repair Grinding, there will be wear marks on the surface of the plate during rolling, especially for thick plates above 20mm. 2. In the slideway scratching/heating furnace, the heating temperature of stainless steel is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The stainless steel billet is prone to slideway scratching on the lower surface of the billet during the slideway movement. 3. During rolling and pitting/centering, the middle plate and the edge of the middle plate friction, causing the edge burrs to fly out to the surface of the middle plate, forming a surface rolling pit. 4. The large chain scratches The falling between the chains causes the steel plates to move asynchronously on the cold bed, forming scratches on the lower surface. 5. Furnace bottom roller pressure pit The furnace bottom roller is subjected to multiple effects such as high-temperature gas and load, and surface nodules are prone to occur, resulting in pressure pits on the lower surface of the middle plate. 6. The leftover scale of carbon steel straightened by the straightening machine pressure pit is easy to form the pressure pit on the surface of the stainless medium plate during straightening of the stainless steel. 7. Lifting and scratching When lifting steel plates, it is easy to cause side rib injuries, and irregular operations during unloading cause steel plate surface scratches. Improvement measures: 1. After the rough steel grinding process uses a rough grinding wheel to grind the surface of the blank, then use a fine grinding wheel to reduce the depth of the surface of the blank, thereby avoiding the occurrence of the surface of the steel plate after rolling. 2. Select a higher temperature for the scratches of the slideway during the heating stage to ensure that the billet is completely burned through, and use a lower heating temperature during the soaking stage. When the heating furnace is overhauled, timely polish the oxidized bond of the slider on the slide of the heating furnace and replace the damaged slider. 3. Rolling and pressing pits For thick plates with a thickness of more than 10mm, the plywood should be quickly opened after the steel plate is bitten into the rolling mill to reduce the friction between the plywood and the edge of the steel plate and avoid the intrusion of edge burrs. 4. The large chain is scratched. Adjust the height of the large chain of the cooling bed to ensure that the chain runs on the same level and replace the damaged chain in time. 5. The furnace bottom roller pressure pit improves the material of the furnace bottom roller, and replaces the original heat-resistant alloy furnace bottom roller with the car tube asbestos roller. 6. Check whether the straightening rollers are bonded to iron scales before the production of the stainless steel plate in the pressure pit of the straightener, and clean them in time. 7. Lifting and scratching specifications The use of lifting steel plate hooks to avoid artificial scratches and rib injuries. At the same time, after pickling the steel plate, use plastic hooks to lift the steel plate.

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